The Estudio Sevi de Arquitectura was founded by Architect Uriel J. Sevi in 1955.

Since then, we have designed and managed a wide variety of projects concerning the architectural field, designing more than 10,000,000 sq.ft.and constructiong nearly 7,000,000 sq ft.

Our Firm is currently run by the managing parters, who lead the group of Associated Architects,Technical Specialists and a Legal and Administrative department.

According to the diverse projects, consultants work along with the permanent staff assisting in the following subjects: structural engineering, conventional and special installations, geotechnical studies, land surveying, auditing and legal counselling.

The Estudio Sevi de Arquitectura conducts its operations alongside the client adjusting to its specific needs, aiming to deliver as if it were a part of the client's organization bringing a unique contractor-client experience. Our goal is to deliver top tier designs and constructions according to the client's needs while conducting a strict control of associated costs and schedule.