Preliminary research: site, program, functionality, structure, cost, time. Project and Work management of the Architectural Works, Structures and Complementary Installations. Special Installations, piping design and specification. Coordination with the special advisors working in the same project. Selection of the Construction Companies based upon their profiles, Bidding process including evaluation bid analysis, contracts, measuring, work inspection and acceptance. Work administration and Technical Conducting Monitoring and evaluation of schedule and construction progress,safety procedures, cost and quality control.

Technical: Projects and how to materialize it. Audit: Administrative, Accounts, Legal and Tax concerning to or related to Architectural work Technical Arbitration. Facility Management

Architectural Design participation. Advisers in regulaition and rules. Participation as Jury partners.

Projects for office blocks, data processing centres, office and service groups, administration centres

HOUSING in all its shapes: individual, condominiums, towers and week-end, specially designed or through prefabricated systems
INDUSTRY Industrial plants: for textiles, electronics, metallurgy, food, electric conductors, rubber, paper industries, graphic and editorial, disposable diapers, etc.
URBAN DEVELOPMENT FACILITIES Country Clubs, shopping centers, schools, health centers, hotels, sport facilities and auditoriums